6 days 2:21
Winter storm alerts from coast to coast
Heavy snow and ice and possibly life-threatening floods are part of a major storm system moving east across the U.S. as millions head home from Thanksgiving. 30 Nov 2019, 2:34
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Professor fires back at GOP lawmaker: I'm insulted
The ranking minority member of the House Judiciary Committee, Doug Collins (R-GA), implied the witnesses called for Wednesday's hearing did not have enough time to accurately prepare their testimony. 4 Dec 2019, 20:16
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6 days 2:22
How the London Bridge terror attack unfolded
Two people were killed and three more were injured in a terrorist attack near London Bridge on Friday, police have confirmed. 29 Nov 2019, 23:58
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2 days 1:00
Princess Anne and that Trump 'shrug': what really happened
Princess Anne has become the subject of speculation after a video showed the Queen seemingly gesturing to her daughter for giving the royal line-up to greet Donald Trump a miss. 4 Dec 2019, 10:09
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2 days 11:21
Trump and Macron clash during NATO summit meeting
President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron clashed over several issues, including NATO spending, during a news conference at the NATO summit in London. #CNN #News | 3 Dec 2019, 17:21
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21 hour 10:21
Pelosi hits back at reporter who asked if she 'hates' Trump
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) delivered a powerful response after a reporter asked whether or not she is moving forward with impeachment because she "hates" President Trump, as some Republicans | 5 Dec 2019, 17:39
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1 day 10:17
Watch bitter ending to impeachment hearing
Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) delivers his closing statement at the House Judiciary Committee's impeachment hearing and cuts off Republican motions. #CNN #News | 4 Dec 2019, 23:54
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1 day 5:26
Impeachment hearing gets heated: You don't get to interrupt me!
During the impeachment inquiry hearing, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) staunchly criticized Stanford Law School Professor Pamela S. Karlan's comment involving the President's son, Barron Trump. #CNN #News | 4 Dec 2019, 23:37
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6 days 3:24
Kamala Harris aide resigned and penned scathing letter
CNN's Nia-Malika Henderson discusses the recent New York Times article "How Kamala Harris' campaign unraveled", highlighting the recent resignation of a key Harris campaign aide and the campaign's | 29 Nov 2019, 19:18
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6 days 2:37
Real-life 'Iron Man' showcased his jetpack technology to military teams.
This is the moment a real-life "Iron Man" showcased his jetpack technology to American military defence teams. 29 Nov 2019, 16:30
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1 day 9:31
Trump leaves NATO conference early after cancelling press event
President Donald Trump abruptly canceled his end-of-meeting press conference at the NATO summit and left early after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other world leaders were caught on | 5 Dec 2019, 6:18
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2 days 12:15
Democrats obtained phone records showing how Trump allies coordinated 'false narratives'
Armed with never-before-seen phone records, Democrats on Tuesday accused President Donald Trump's allies of coordinating with a conservative journalist to peddle "false narratives" about Trump's | 4 Dec 2019, 3:18
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2 days 8:14
Video appears to show world leaders talking about Trump
This video is drawing attention because it seems to show French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Dutch Prime Minister Mark | 4 Dec 2019, 11:10
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2 days 0:46
Princess Anne, Johnson, Trudeau and Macron appear to joke about Trump at Nato summit
Boris Johnson, Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron appear to be joking about Donald Trump at the opening of this week’s Nato summit in London along with other world leaders. 4 Dec 2019, 9:51
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6 days 3:20
Former lawmaker says GOP members 'disgusted' by Trump
Former Republican Congressman Charlie Dent told CNN's Ana Cabrera that House Republicans are "absolutely disgusted and exhausted by the President's behavior." #CNN #News | 29 Nov 2019, 19:27
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3 days 8:05
Ex-Trump official warns about White House: I'm concerned
President Trump's former economic adviser Gary Cohn sounds the alarm about the atmosphere in the White House and worries whether there is anyone around Trump who will tell him what he doesn't want | 2 Dec 2019, 22:41
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3 days 10:34
Trump slams Macron for insulting NATO while insulting NATO
President Donald Trump launched an outspoken attack on Emmanuel Macron ahead of their meeting in London, calling the French President's comment last month that American indifference to the alliance | 3 Dec 2019, 10:55
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4 days 5:52
Trump won't participate in impeachment hearing
The White House has announced that neither President Donald Trump nor his attorneys will participate in Wednesday's House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearing. #CNN #News | 2 Dec 2019, 1:17
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1 day 3:09
House Democrats: Trump Abuse of Power Impeachable Offense
Congressional Democrats launched the next step in the impeachment of U.S. President Donald Trump Wednesday, hearing testimony from legal scholars on what the U.S. 5 Dec 2019, 5:36
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6 days 11:08
London Bridge attack: Man shot dead after killing two - BBC News
Two people have died and several more injured in what police are describing as a terrorist incident on London Bridge. The attacker was later shot dead. 29 Nov 2019, 22:54
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16 hours 5:23
World leaders' hot mic moment went unnoticed until producer did this
Chris Rands, a producer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, explains how he caught a hot mic moment between Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and several other world leaders in which | 5 Dec 2019, 22:47
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12 hours 5:43
All but certain the House will impeach Trump | Anderson Cooper
CNN's Anderson Cooper explains how it is certain the House will impeach President Donald Trump after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told the American people that she is requesting that the | 6 Dec 2019, 2:20
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5 days 32:21
Top 100 Best Viral Videos of the Year 2019!
2019 has been a huge year with many ups and downs throughout. 30 Nov 2019, 17:15
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4 days 10:49
Brian Stelter looks at a tale of two Fox News judges
CNN's Brian Stelter compares Fox News anchor Jeanine Pirro's pro-Trump style with Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano, who is often critical of Trump. #CNN #News | 1 Dec 2019, 17:22
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6 days 1:17
'Almost as close as the police': witnesses describes London Bridge incident
Police have shot a suspect after five people were injured in a stabbing incident near London Bridge. 29 Nov 2019, 23:02
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5 days 51:12
Anatomy of a Bribe | Al Jazeera Investigations
Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit secretly films officials in Namibia demanding cash in exchange for political favours. It’s a story of how foreign companies plunder Africa’s natural resources. 1 Dec 2019, 9:30
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12 hours 2:03
2 armed suspects attempt to rob UPS truck
A high-speed police pursuit of a UPS truck following during an armed robbery at a jewelry shop in near Miami ended in a hail of gunfire. WATCH THE FULL EPISODES OF 'WORLD NEWS TONIGHT': bit. 6 Dec 2019, 2:55
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2 days 8:21
Kamala Harris drops out of the 2020 presidential race
Sen. Kamala Harris ended her 2020 presidential campaign on Tuesday. The California Democrat told her senior staff of the decision Tuesday morning, and later sent an email to supporters. 3 Dec 2019, 18:49
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1 day 5:43
Watch full video of Nancy Pelosi's impeachment statement
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) tells the American people that she is requesting that the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee draft formal articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. 5 Dec 2019, 14:38
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1 day 10:30
Three experts testify Trump committed impeachable acts, one dissents
Three legal experts testified in front of the Judiciary Committee that President Trump committed impeachable offenses. However, one expert did not agree with that conclusion. #CNN #News | 4 Dec 2019, 19:54
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