20 hours 8:01
Inside Italy's $1 Billion Marble Mountains
A slab of Carrara marble can cost up to $400 per square meter. The luxury stone comes the Apuan Alps, a mountain range in northern Tuscany that stretches for 58 km and reaches 2,000 meters high. 16 Jun 2019, 15:00
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19 hours 4:08
Fareed: This is a canary in the coal mine for America
CNN's Fareed Zakaria explains why some of America's closest allies are looking to undermine the country's economic strength. #CNN #News | 16 Jun 2019, 15:23
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12 hours 5:24
Biggest Protest In Hong Kong’s History | China Uncensored
2 million strong Hong Kong protest sets out to tell Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam to step down and permanently get rid of the extradition bill. 16 Jun 2019, 22:43
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20 hours 7:03
Why White European Tourists Are Visiting South African Slums (HBO)
Cape Town is the premier tourist destination in South Africa. Wine tours, beaches, and scenic hiking are all within easy driving distance. 16 Jun 2019, 15:00
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19 hours 5:38
How to Treat Casino Dealers, According to Casino Dealers
Casino dealers share the do's and don'ts of gambling, proper tipping protocols, and how to behave in a casino (pro-tip: there's cameras watching you everywhere). 16 Jun 2019, 16:00
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20 hours 5:37
Father goes viral for giving out hugs at Pride parade
Scott "Howie" Dittman went viral for giving out "dad hugs" to the attendees of a Pride parade in Pittsburgh. #CNN #News | 16 Jun 2019, 14:38
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16 hours 13:25
EXCLUSIVE: Trump cites Nixon, says he 'was never going to fire Mueller'
On "This Week," more headlines from George Stephanopoulos' exclusive interview with President Donald Trump ahead of the ABC primetime special. 16 Jun 2019, 18:27
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17 hours 2:31
Mayor of Phoenix slams police officers' 'inappropriate and clearly unprofessional' actions
A young family was held at gunpoint in response to a shoplifting incident; investigators are reviewing whether police officers used "excessive force." | 16 Jun 2019, 17:58
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19 hours 5:33
Hong Kong protest: How will Beijing respond? | DW News
Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam has apologized to the public, bowing to more than a week of mass protests by furious residents over a proposed extradition bill that would allow people to be extradited | 16 Jun 2019, 15:44
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10 hours 30:38
Don't let your family pay for YOUR final expenses! 17 Jun 2019, 0:53
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17 hours 24:16
How will Hong Kong deal with growing public discontent? | Inside Story
Anger over Hong Kong's controversial extradition bill isn't going away, even after it was suspended. 16 Jun 2019, 17:30
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16 hours 3:25
WOW! Putin Surprises China's Xi Jinping With Box Of Russian Ice Cream & Birthday Cake
Russian president Putin congratulated Chinese president Xi Jinping on his 66th birthday while in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, wishing him “best of luck,” warmly shaking his hand and saying: “I’m glad to | 16 Jun 2019, 19:06
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20 hours 10:47
Tapper presses Beto O'Rourke about low poll numbers
Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke said he doesn't rely on poll numbers after CNN's Jake Tapper asked him about what he is doing to gain traction. #CNN #News | 16 Jun 2019, 15:02
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18 hours 29:26
LIVE IN HONG KONG 3: Huge Crowds Occupy Highway
Chris and Shelley live stream for a third time on Sunday—this time, overlooking the main highway through central Hong Kong, currently occupied by thousands of demonstrators. 16 Jun 2019, 16:20
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11 hours 4:36
Trump campaign has cut ties with some of its pollsters after data was leaked
The president vehemently denied he is trailing in the latest polls and said the truth is the exact opposite. 16 Jun 2019, 23:41
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16 hours 18:18
AOC signals she'd support Biden if he was Dem nominee: 'Absolutely' must beat Trump
On "This Week," Jonathan Karl goes one-on-one with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., in her first Sunday morning interview since taking office. 16 Jun 2019, 18:34
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19 hours 1:14
Drone footage: Hong Kong Protesters Rally to Demand Leader Steps Down
Tens of thousands of people took to the streets in Hong Kong Sunday dressed in black to demand the city’s embattled leader steps down, a day after she suspended an extradition bill in a dramatic | 16 Jun 2019, 15:18
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5 hours 5:31
"Brainless...": WATCH Shoaib Akhtar's Rant Slamming Pakistan's Play After World Cup Loss Vs India
Subscribe Now For More Latest News & Updates ► goo.gl/EaqETB Also Watch - Republic Bharat ► bit.ly/RBharat Follow us on Instagram ► bit.ly/2hRufZS | 17 Jun 2019, 6:02
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10 hours 2:05
People of Hong Kong protesting in record-breaking numbers
An estimated two million people have taken to the streets, attempting to send a message to China over a controversial extradition bill. 17 Jun 2019, 1:04
24 320
21 hour 1:44
Drone footage of mass protest in Hong Kong
Aerial footage showed thousands of people spilled into the streets of Hong Kong as protesters marched toward the Central district where the government headquarters is located. 16 Jun 2019, 13:26
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17 hours 2:31
Worried mom uses tracking app to save daughter in need of help
Macy Smith was stranded at the bottom of a ravine after a car crash sent her car over the edge; her mom used a GPS tracking device to find her whereabouts. 16 Jun 2019, 17:59
23 606
18 hours 1:45
MILLIONS Left In The Dark As Massive Power Outage Hits Argentina and Uruguay
Entire cities descended into darkness as a massive, first-of-its-kind blackout swept across Argentina and Uruguay on Sunday morning. 16 Jun 2019, 16:55
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23 hours 0:43
'Tory party will be toast' unless Britain leaves EU in October, says Dominic Raab
Conservative leadership contender told Sky News' Sophy Ridge the party 'will be toast' if Britain fails to leave the EU by the 31 October deadline. 16 Jun 2019, 12:06
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8 hours 1:50
US, Iran conflict hardening over attacks on 2 tanker ships
U.S. central command revealed the Iranians attempted to shoot down an American drone monitoring one of the tankers on fire. 17 Jun 2019, 2:14
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10 hours 6:53
Zakharova: The West Is Getting Cramps; US Doesn't Know How To Stop Emerging Russia & China Alliance
Maria Zakharova, Spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Please Click On YouTube Notification Bell 🔔 Next To Subscribe Button To Be Notified Of New Russia Insight Videos! 17 Jun 2019, 0:19
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6 hours 1:10
Yawning Pak Skipper, Sarfaraz Ahmed Trolled After Heavy Defeat To India
Twitter erupted after India’s dominating win over Sarfaraz’s men, with many on the either side of border mocking Pakistan’s poor performance. 17 Jun 2019, 4:13
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11 hours 2:31
Farmers Warn Corn Crop Far Worse Than USDA Estimates: "It's Going to Be A Train Wreck"
This year’s corn crop has been absolutely decimated by nonstop rain and unseasonably cool weather, according to a new report from Bloomberg. 16 Jun 2019, 23:52
16 839
19 hours 1:15
Hundreds of thousands take to streets in renewed Hong Kong protests
Protesters dressed in black have marched through central Hong Kong demanding a full retraction of the China extradition law. 16 Jun 2019, 15:37
16 704
9 hours 2:00
Man With Pride Turban Catches Obama's Attention | NowThis
‘To wear a turban is to really show the world that you stand for equality and justice.’ — Sikh PhD student Jiwandeep Kohli has gone viral for his Pride turban after Obama tweeted at him. 17 Jun 2019, 1:59
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17 hours 1:52
New developments in the murder of Arkansas state senator
Linda Collins-Smith's colleague and close friend has been arrested in connection with her murder; Rebecca Lynn O'Donnell is expected to enter a plea in court on Monday. 16 Jun 2019, 17:48
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