2 min 2:16
FICO Changes To Dramatically Affect Credit Scores In Effort To Reduce Defaults
In a nutshell - 'FICO Score 10 Suite' is supposedly better at identifying potential deadbeats from those who can pay, and claims to be able to reduce defaults by as much as 10% among new credit | 29 Jan 2020, 21:22
5 min 11:13
Who Is John Bolton? Narrated by Steven Boyer | NowThis
John Bolton’s recent claims about Trump’s intentions in Ukraine have landed the former national security adviser squarely in the middle of the impeachment trial. 29 Jan 2020, 21:19
14 min 1:40
Watch: Nigel Farage in flag-waving row during Brexit bill debate
Brexit Party MEPs in final stunt before leaving European Parliament. 29 Jan 2020, 21:10
15 min 0:47
Palestinians Protest Against US President Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan
Palestinians gathered to protest in the West Bank, Wednesday, January 29, against the Israeli-Palestinian peace plan released by U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday. 29 Jan 2020, 21:09
19 min 9:27
Boeing reports first annual loss since 1997
The 737 Max crisis has led Boeing to its first annual loss since 1997. The aviation giant insists it will get back on its feet - and back in the skies - but it faces a long haul. 29 Jan 2020, 21:05
19 min 1:41
Tasting the world's first test tube shrimp
Tasting the world's fist lab grown shrimp. Subscribe: smarturl.it/reuterssubscribe Reuters brings you the latest business, finance and breaking news video from around the globe. 29 Jan 2020, 21:05
19 min 47:16
Yemen: The Last Lunch | Al Jazeera World
Details surrounding the political assassination of Ibrahim al-Hamdi, president of North Yemen, in 1977 are stranger than fiction. 29 Jan 2020, 21:05
23 min 0:50
Protester in Iraq Hit With Tear Gas at Close Range
Captured on video is the moment an Iraqi police officer fired a tear gas canister at a protester at close range, in Baghdad, Wednesday, January 29. 29 Jan 2020, 21:01
25 min 0:41
Washington: Russian Cultural Center Opens Holocaust Exhibit, Lest Anyone Should Forget!
Subscribe to Vesti News youtube.com/channel/UCa8MaD6gQscto_Nq1i49iew?sub_confirmation=1 An exhibition dedicated to the victims of the greatest tragedy in human history - the Holocaust | 29 Jan 2020, 21:00
25 min 6:24
2020-01-29 20:44 MEDIA WATCH
A fresh take on big and bizarre news in the newspapers, on news websites, blogs and social media. 29 Jan 2020, 20:59
32 min 4:04
Wuhan coronavirus has now passed 6,000 cases worldwide
There are now more than 6,000 cases that have been confirmed in mainland China, as the Wuhan coronavirus spreads across Asia and the rest of the world. 29 Jan 2020, 20:52
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#Coronavirus: EU is ready to ensure a strong response to the coronavirus, outside and within the EU
As the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus intensifies, the EU Civil Protection Mechanism has been activated following a request for assistance from France to provide consular support to EU citizens | 29 Jan 2020, 20:51
39 min 2:01
First Foreign Nationals Evacuate China's Coronavirus Hot Spot
The first large evacuations of foreign nationals from China began Wednesday as the death toll from the coronavirus outbreak rose to 132 people. 29 Jan 2020, 20:46
41 min 34:44
UN Chief at UN75 event & other topics - Daily Briefing (29 January 2020)
Noon briefing by Stéphane Dujarric, Spokesman for the Secretary-General. - Secretary-General UN75 - Coronavirus - Syria - Libya - Central African Republic - D.R. 29 Jan 2020, 20:43
45 min 1:21
Coronavirus: Asia in fear for shortages of face masks and hand sanitizer I NTDTV
Panic and pollution are driving the market for protective #FaceMasks in Asia. Fear of the #coronavirus coming from #China—straining supplies and making mask-wearing the norm. 29 Jan 2020, 20:39
45 min 2:00
European Parliament gives final approval to Brexit deal
Britain’s departure from the European Union was set in law Wednesday as, amid emotional scenes, the bloc’s parliament voted to ratify the divorce papers. 29 Jan 2020, 20:39
57 min 8:31
See question key GOP senators asked Trump's team
Republican Senators Susan Collins, Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski collectively asked Trump's impeachment defense team a question during his trial before the Senate. #CNN #News | 29 Jan 2020, 20:27
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1 hour 1:24
New York Philharmonic celebrates Year of the Rat with annual concert
The New York Philharmonic presented its ninth annual Lunar New Year Concert on Tuesday night. 29 Jan 2020, 20:23
1 hour 2:42
1 hour 1:00
Berlin Zoo presents twin panda cubs to the public for the first time | AFP
Five-month-old male Meng Xiang ("long-awaited dream") and Meng Yuan ("dream come true") panda cubs, make their first public appearance at the Berlin Zoo. 29 Jan 2020, 20:22
1 hour 0:48
Helicopters rescue residents from burning building
Los Angeles firefighters rescued terrified residents from the rooftop of a 25-story apartment building where a fire broke out on a sixth-floor balcony and sent choking smoke billowing through the | 29 Jan 2020, 20:19
1 hour 3:08
1 hour 1:38
Line for Face Masks In Taiwan Is Over 1 Kilometer Long, Russia Closes Border with China
Germany's Lufthansa and American Airlines are the latest airlines to suspend flights to China. American is cancelling flights from LAX to Shanghai and Beijing beginning Feb. 9 through late March. 29 Jan 2020, 20:17
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1 hour 0:58
Kenya's Eliud Kipchoge nominated for Laureus awards
Kenyan runner Eliud Kipchoge and South Africa’s national men’s rugby team nominated for Laureus awards. For more visit voaafrica.com | 29 Jan 2020, 20:16
1 hour 1:00:01
Straight Talk Africa
We are live. Let us know what part of the world you are watching us from and join our conversation. Originally published at - morigin.voanews.eu/a/5265493.html | 29 Jan 2020, 20:10
1 hour 0:59
Welcome to Fukushima nuclear power plant
A press tour was given of the now wrecked Fukushima nuclear power plant on Wednesday, which was hit by a tsunami in 2011. Footage shows various parts of the now empty power plant. 29 Jan 2020, 20:10
1 hour 2:26:59
European parliament: MEPs debate Brexit deal – watch live
The European parliament is set to approve the terms of the UK's exit from the EU, marking the final stage of the ratification process ahead of the UK's formal departure on Friday Subscribe to | 29 Jan 2020, 20:07
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1 hour 26:33
Can coronavirus be stopped?
At least 132 people have died in China and nearly 6,000 infected worldwide as a new coronavirus extends beyond China’s border. 29 Jan 2020, 20:02
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1 hour 7:16
Palestinian PM: What PresidentTrump is proposing is no more than an apartheid system
President Trump's newly unveiled Middle East plan proposes "no more than an apartheid system," Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh tells CNN's Christiane Amanpour. 29 Jan 2020, 20:00
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1 hour 0:48
Wuhan residents chant from windows against deadly coronavirus
Song is best medicine? 29 Jan 2020, 20:00
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