1 hour 6:46
Andrew Yang on SNL's Shane Gillis' comments: Racial epithets hurt, but it's different with comedians
In an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang said racial epithets hurt, but in the case of comedians, words should be taken in a different light. 15 Sep 2019, 14:18
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47 min 9:00
Pete Buttigieg: Biden gave 'bad answer' on legacy of slavery
CNN's Jake Tapper questions Democratic presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg about former Vice President Joe Biden's answer on the legacy of slavery during the third Democratic presidential | 15 Sep 2019, 15:23
4 470
1 hour 2:38
Iran rejects US’ claim it attacked Saudi oil facilities and declares its readiness for war
Iran has rebuffed US accusations of launching a drone attacks that cut Saudi Arabia’s oil output in half. 15 Sep 2019, 15:00
3 537
57 min 9:35
Fareed Zakaria: Trump's foreign policy is in shambles
President Donald Trump claimed he was a great dealmaker, but after the collapse of deals with Iran, North Korea and the Taliban, has that claim been proven otherwise? 15 Sep 2019, 15:13
2 782
1 hour 8:43
Questions raised about whether Iran is to blame for Saudi Arabia attack
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he believes Iran is behind the drone attack on the world's largest oil refinery. 15 Sep 2019, 14:20
2 223
3 hours 9:31
Nick Paton Walsh: A 'startlingly dangerous moment' in the Middle East
Houthi rebels in Yemen are claiming responsibility for the drone strikes on the world's largest oil plant in Saudi Arabia. 15 Sep 2019, 12:15
1 692
1 hour 2:25
Police officers unleash a barrage of bullets on suspect | ABC News
An investigation is underway in the deadly police shooting of a man who was shot 154 times. 15 Sep 2019, 14:57
1 109
1 hour 2:55
Men stick heads in Old Faithful geyser
The men were cited and will have to appear in court after getting too close to the famous landmark. 15 Sep 2019, 14:12
4 hours 2:25
'Son of Africa': African leaders attend Mugabe state funeral
Zimbabwe's former President Robert Mugabe has been honoured by African leaders as a founding father for the nation, a revolutionary icon and a champion of pan-Africanism. 15 Sep 2019, 11:39
1 hour 3:40
Hong Kong activists defy protest ban, clash with police | DW News
Pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong defied a police ban and took to the streets once again. 15 Sep 2019, 15:01
4 hours 3:12
Glory to Hong Kong: Singing a new protest anthem - BBC News
After months of peaceful marches and clashes, Hong Kong protesters have begun staging a different type of demonstration - mass singalongs of a new song called Glory to Hong Kong. 15 Sep 2019, 11:13
1 hour 0:50
Patriotic students sing national anthem at HK activist's talk in U.S. 黃之鋒竄美 被愛國學生唱國歌轟下台
Patriotic students from Columbia University stood up and sang China's national anthem as Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong and others wrapped up a panel discussion at the school. 15 Sep 2019, 14:13
55 min 2:27
German researcher at PolyU fired for supporting fugitive bill 香港理工大學學者因支持修例被炒
Sky Darmos is a German researcher who used to work at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. 15 Sep 2019, 15:15
2 hours 2:30
CGTN’s Tang Bo witnessing illegal rally in HK on Sunday CGTN記者周日現場見證香港中環非法集會
Thousands of protesters have marched to the Causeway Bay and Central districts and occupied main roads in Hong Kong. 15 Sep 2019, 14:09
49 min 1:16
HONG KONG PROTEST | Anti-government protesters face off with Hong Kong riot police
Police fired tear gas as demonstrations turned violent. 15 Sep 2019, 15:21
7 hours 3:21
Drone Attacks On Saudi Oil Facilities Knock Out Half The Kingdom's Oil Supply
Saudi Arabia's oil industry came under a direct attack on Saturday as Yemen's Iran-aligned Houthi group carried out drone attacks on Aramco oil plants. 15 Sep 2019, 8:40
5 hours 1:23
Hong Kong protesters sing 'God Save The Queen' in plea to Britain
Hundreds of Hong Kong protesters sang God Save the Queen and waved the Union Jack as they rallied outside the British Consulate on Sunday demanding that the UK ensures China honours its commitments | 15 Sep 2019, 10:30
1 hour 3:01
NY Giants player Saquon Barkley deemed 'Rookie of the Year'
After a young boy was snubbed by a Dallas Cowboys player for wearing a New York Giants jersey to the game, Barkley sent a personal message to the boy thanking him for being a fan. 15 Sep 2019, 14:13
3 hours 3:28
Congress Leaders Crash At Scindia's Even In Madhya Pradesh | Caught On Camera
Watch the ruckus among Congress leaders at an event by Scindia. 15 Sep 2019, 12:26
13 min 1:01
Jo Swinson says Lib Dems have to be 'straightforward and honest' about their Brexit position
The Liberal Democrats have overwhelmingly approved the party's plan of going into an election witht he promise to revoke Brexit without a referendum. 15 Sep 2019, 15:57
6 hours 5:12
Drone attack on Saudi oil: How safe are global supplies? | DW News
Drone strikes on Saudi Arabia's largest Aramco oil plants have slashed the world's supply of oil by five percent overnight. 15 Sep 2019, 9:46
1 hour 0:36
Tehran: Iranian missiles can reach U.S. military bases in region
An Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander said on Sunday that #U.S. bases and aircraft carriers in the region were within range of Iranian missiles after the U.S. 15 Sep 2019, 15:06
2 hours 3:30
Why Hemp Is a Super Plant — With Morris Beegle | Opinions | NowThis
Did you know hemp can make all of these things? Morris Beegle, co-founder of the Colorado Hemp Company, breaks it down. 15 Sep 2019, 14:00
2 hours 4:00
Seoul appeals against Japan's 'Rising Sun' flag comparing it to the Nazi Swastika
South Korea has filed a complaint with the International Olympic Committee over Japan's plan to use a military flag during next year's games in Tokyo. 15 Sep 2019, 13:15
37 min 0:39
Hong Kong Protests Continue at Causeway Bay
Thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators were on Hong Kong's streets Sunday, including Causeway Bay, Hong Kong's famous shopping district. 15 Sep 2019, 15:33
1 hour 1:43
Chinese cities lit up in modern ways for Mid-Autumn Festival
In Chinese cities, large numbers of drones flying in formations and various light shows lit up the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival to mark the traditional Chinese holiday in a unique new way. 15 Sep 2019, 15:02
1 hour 0:53
5G Technology used in remote surgery experiment in China
5G technology has been successfully used in a remote surgery experiment between Beijing and east China's Suzhou City. 15 Sep 2019, 14:31
3 hours 2:33
British MP Bob Blackman Shames Pakistan, Calls Entire J&K Sovereign Part Of India
British MP Bob Blackman has shamed Pakistan by claiming that the entire Jammu and Kashmir sovereign is part of India. 15 Sep 2019, 12:30
5 hours 7:53
'My body won't let me have sex' - BBC News
Vaginismus is a sexual pain disorder where women experience an involuntary tightening of muscles around the vagina whenever penetration is attempted. 15 Sep 2019, 10:49
3 hours 14:55
Kashmir In Crisis: What’s India Doing? | AJ+
Kashmir has been under a strict lockdown ever since Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi stripped the state of its autonomy in August 2019. But repression in Kashmir isn’t new. 15 Sep 2019, 13:00
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