59 min 3:07
Commons leader Andrea Leadsom quits government
Andrea Leadsom, the leader of the House of Commons, has quit the cabinet, saying she no longer believes the current government will deliver Brexit. 22 May 2019, 20:01
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2 hours 20:23
Theresa May on the brink as Cabinet turns on her
It's not often that MPs demand the resignation of their party leader and Prime Minister on the eve of a national election. 22 May 2019, 18:45
1 hour 1:47
‪Tell EVERYONE LABOUR CAN BEAT FARAGE!!! Labour are 10pts clear of the Liberal Austerity Party FFS!! George Osborne has just joined them. And Labour are so close to beating Nazi Farage!!! 22 May 2019, 19:11
52 min 56:20
Iain Dale’s Cross Question: 22nd May 2019 - LBC
The day after the Prime Minister announced her new Brexit plan, and amid rumours of attempts to replace her as leader of the Conservative party Iain Dale and four panellists answer the big questions | 22 May 2019, 20:08
4 hours 1:09
'Disgusting, yes!' The Queen jokes about fish paste sold in 1950s
It seems the Queen wasn't a fan of a certain kind of bloater paste made from herrings in the 1950s. 22 May 2019, 16:32
47 min 1:44
'You can't cheat?' Queen shown self-service till in 1860s style Sainsbury's store | ITV News
The Queen paid a visit to a 1860s style Sainsbury's store, as part of the retailer's 150th birthday celebrations. 22 May 2019, 20:14
3 hours 3:34
Why voters are flocking to Nigel Farage's Brexit Party
In the last six surveys on how Brits intend to vote in the EU polls, the Brexit Party have got a higher share of the vote than the Remain Parties. 22 May 2019, 17:45
8 hours 3:44
The Queen learns to use a self-service check-out
The Queen has been shown how to use a self-service check-out during an event in central London today. 22 May 2019, 12:37
5 hours 53:58
Prime Minister's Questions: 22 May 2019 - Brexit, historic allegations against veterans, schools
Prime Minister Theresa May answered MPs' questions on Brexit, historic allegations against veterans who served in Northern Ireland, schools funding and more. 22 May 2019, 15:27
4 hours 2:16
Prince Charles tries Irish craft beer on trip to Belfast
The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall have visited Belfast, where they were welcomed by Sinn Féin Lord Mayor John Finucane. 22 May 2019, 16:23
11 hours 5:05
Farage v Cable: The Brexit Debate
The Telegraph hosted Nigel Farage and Vince Cable for an exclusive European elections debate on Wednesday morning. 22 May 2019, 9:34
6 hours 1:31:43
Statement on Leaving the European Union - 22 May 2019
Following her speech on the Withdrawal Agreement Bill yesterday, Prime Minister Theresa May makes a statement to the House of Commons on leaving the EU. 22 May 2019, 14:19
4 hours 16:55
Piers Morgan's Most Fiery Moments | Good Morning Britain
Take a look at some of Piers Morgan's most heated moments on topics involving Trump, Percy Pigs, and millennials. Subscribe now for more! 22 May 2019, 16:29
1 hour 51:16
Facial Recognition Conundrum & The L.A. Garbage Crisis
🚨 This YouTube channel is the OFFICIAL Channel for The Kev Baker Show 🚨 #KevBakerShow #JoeJoseph #FacialRecognition Tune into The Kev Baker Show, Monday to Thursday, 10pm UK - 5pm EST - 2pm PST | 22 May 2019, 19:30
5 hours 3:34:14
PMQs + Theresa May Brexit statement LIVE
Theresa May faces Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs ahead of her statement to the House on ‘the new Brexit deal.’ (Subscribe: bit.ly/C4_News_Subscribe) ----------------------- Get more news at our | 22 May 2019, 15:40
1 hour 0:56
Queen asks if you can trick self-checkout machine
During Sainsbury's 150th anniversary, The Queen visited the site of its original store and asked if the self-checkout machine could be tricekd Telegraph.co.uk and YouTube.com/TelegraphTV are | 22 May 2019, 19:22
1 hour 0:38
Pensioner brutally attacked after telling driver to slow down
Police are hunting a road rage driver who assaulted an 80-year-old man who asked him to slow down as he crossed the road with his wife. 22 May 2019, 19:28
2 hours 2:27
Jeremy Corbyn Condemns Islamophobia At Finsbury Park Mosque Iftar
Jeremy Corbyn Attends An Iftar, At Finsbury Park Mosque, Delivering A Speech In Solidarity With The Community Who Fell Victim To A Right Wing Terrorist Attack 2 Years Ago. 22 May 2019, 19:00
4 hours 4:10:39
Theresa May grilled after new Brexit deal statement
DESPERATE Theresa May has begged MPs today to back her new Brexit deal for a final chance to leave the EU by the summer - as she clings to power by a thread. 22 May 2019, 16:05
1 hour 2:19
European elections 2019: residents in Mansfield have their say | 5 News
► Subscribe to 5 News: bit.ly/5NewsSub ► Candidates up and down the country have been putting their views across ahead of tomorrow’s European Elections. 22 May 2019, 20:00
9 hours 14:39
Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry on Brexit and Donald Trump | Good Morning Britain
Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry speaks to GMB as Britain prepares to vote in tomorrow's European Elections. 22 May 2019, 11:47
7 hours 1:32:06
Theresa May Grilled By MPs Over New Brexit Deal - LBC
Theresa May brings her "bold new offer" for Brexit back to the House of Commons today - and faces the MPs who will scrutinise it. 22 May 2019, 13:40
5 hours 3:48
UK faces crushing defeat at UN over Chagos Islands ownership
"The UK doesn't have much power, this island is managed mostly by the US" says Sabrina Jean from the Chagos Refugee Group as the UK faces crushing defeat at UN over Chagos Islands ownership. 22 May 2019, 15:15
3 hours 1:09:27
Bilderberg Mystery, Conspiricism Killing The Internet & A D.U.M.B Competition
🚨 This YouTube channel is the OFFICIAL Channel for The Kev Baker Show 🚨 #KevBakerShow #DARPA #Bilderberg In this episode of KBS i discuss the lack of information surrounding this years Bilderberg | 22 May 2019, 17:09
6 hours 0:49
Comms Troop Commanders | Royal Signals | British Army
Royal Signals Troop Commanders have to be all rounders – technically able, adaptable and quick thinking. 22 May 2019, 15:00
9 hours 3:14
Piers Morgan to Take Over as Prime Minister? | Good Morning Britain
Piers Morgan discusses his leadership tactics if he were to be in the shoes of Theresa May as she continues to face backlash on her leadership. Subscribe now for more! 22 May 2019, 11:45
9 hours 8:25
Peter Crouch on Mental Health and England's Chances for Euro2020 | Good Morning Britain
Former England striker Peter Crouch has written a new book 'How to be a Footballer' where he writes about the ups and downs of being a successful footballer. 22 May 2019, 11:47
9 hours 9:47
Elton John’s Jilted Ex-Fiancée Disappointed She's Not Mentioned in New Film | Good Morning Britain
Linda Hannon shared a two-year relationship with Elton John and was jilted just weeks before the wedding. 22 May 2019, 11:46
7 hours 43:46
UK Column News - 22nd May 2019
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column. 22 May 2019, 13:21
11 hours 54:22
Watch in full: Farage v Cable: The Brexit Debate
The Telegraph is hosting Nigel Farage and Vince Cable as they go head-to-head to argue why you should be voting for the Brexit Party or the Liberal Democrats to shape the UK's future in Europe. 22 May 2019, 9:04
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