2 hours 14:32
Inside Wuhan: Q&A from China Coronavirus lockdown
Ben Kavanagh, the Irish teacher in Wuhan, answers your questions from the city under quarantine - as the deadly coronavirus continues to spread across China (Subscribe | 29 Jan 2020, 12:18
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56 min 3:13
Duchess of Cambridge serves breakfast to nursery children
The Duchess of Cambridge visits the London Early Years Foundation in south-west London as part of her landmark survey into early years development. 29 Jan 2020, 13:47
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2 hours 34:08
Boris Johnson v Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs | Prime Minister's Questions | LBC
Boris Johnson will face Jeremy Corbyn and other MPs in Prime Minister's Questions today. The Prime Minister will answer questions from the Labour leader and other MPs about all topics. 29 Jan 2020, 12:38
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1 hour 1:40
Nigel Farage: 'I will miss being pantomime villain of the EU after Brexit'
At a press conference in Brussels, Nigel Farage said he would miss being the "pantomime villain" at the European Parliament. 29 Jan 2020, 13:04
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4 hours 28:01
Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage holds a news conference ahead of a vote in the European Parliament
Nigel Farage tells his farewell press conference in Brussels that he always belied the UK was a "square peg in round hole" when it came to the EU. 29 Jan 2020, 10:02
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3 hours 7:26
Piers and Terry Christian Have a Heated Debate Over If Britain is Finished | Good Morning Britain
Subscribe now for more! bit.ly/1NbomQa Ardent Remainer Hugh Grant has said that Britain is "finished" after Brexit. 29 Jan 2020, 10:56
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4 hours 2:31
Ex-police officer tells Nigel Farage why crime rates are sky high
This ex-police officer told Nigel the reason why crime rates are rocketing after it was announced today knife crime has reached an all time high. 29 Jan 2020, 10:30
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Labour leadership candidate Lisa Nandy "horrified" by Trump's "reckless" Palestine plan
Lisa Nandy told LBC she is "horrified" by President Trump's plan for peace in the Middle East and urged the government to stand up to the US. 29 Jan 2020, 14:27
1 hour 49:19
Prime Minister's Questions: 29 January 2020
Prime Minister's Question Time, also referred to as PMQs, takes place every Wednesday that the House of Commons is sitting and gives MPs the chance to put questions to the Prime Minister. 29 Jan 2020, 13:10
1 hour 49:41
PMQs - Boris Johnson takes questions in parliament | LIVE
Read more: From Brexit breaking news to HD movie trailers, The Sun newspaper brings you the latest news videos and explainers from the UK and around the world. 29 Jan 2020, 13:40
2 hours 4:59
Gwyneth Paltrow's Right Hand Woman talks about THOSE candles | Good Morning Britain
Subscribe now for more! bit.ly/1NbomQa Gwyneth Paltrow's wellness Goop is taking the world by storm! Many are asking if it's a progressive wellness brand or it's taking us all for a ride. 29 Jan 2020, 12:24
5 hours 1:00
Coronavirus breakthrough: Scientists grow virus in lab paving way for vaccine
Scientists have successfully grown a version of the Wuhan coronavirus which could pave the way for the development of a vaccine against the deadly illness. 29 Jan 2020, 9:23
3 hours 5:39
Do We Need a Stalking Register? | Good Morning Britain
Subscribe now for more! bit.ly/1NbomQa New anti-stalking laws were brought in last Tuesday which included the introduction of Stalking Protection Orders. 29 Jan 2020, 11:06
4 hours 32:05
Labour leadership hopeful Lisa Nandy grilled by LBC listeners | James O'Brien
One of the candidates to be the next leader of the Labour Party, Lisa Nandy, is live in the LBC studio to answer questions from James O'Brien and the LBC listeners. 29 Jan 2020, 10:39
1 hour 0:30
"Thank God he's going": Tory MP caught on mic talking about Corbyn at #PMQs
"Thank God he's going" Tory MP caught on 🎤 talking about Jeremy Corbyn at #PMQs. 29 Jan 2020, 12:48
5 hours 3:27
Middle East: Is Trump's 'deal of the century' dead on arrival?
Donald Trump has unveiled his plan to bring peace to the Middle East. The question is: will the Palestinians accept it? 29 Jan 2020, 9:06
47 min 1:44
Galloway: No Palestinian, no Arab, no Muslim would support Trump's Middle East peace deal
No Palestinian - No Arab - No Muslim - No Security Council endorsement George Galloway says 'no-one will support' Donald J. Trump's Middle East peace deal except the US and Israel. 29 Jan 2020, 13:56
3 hours 4:20
1 hour 38:50
Watch again: Boris Johnson's last PMQs before Brexit deadline
Boris Johnson will face questions from Jeremy Corbyn and other MPs in Parliament on the last session of Prime Minister's Questions before Brexit. 29 Jan 2020, 12:47
1 hour 2:57
Can lie detectors stop terrorists? | ITV News
Terrorists might soon have to take lie detector tests to prove they've reformed, but are they reliable and can they be cheated? 29 Jan 2020, 13:15
1 hour 2:45
Inside The Harwood Arms - Britain's 'best gastropub' | ITV News
The Harwood Arms in Fulham has been named as the best gastropub in Britain at the Gastropub awards. The Michelin-starred boozer jumped up from to the top spot from last year's fifth place ranking. 29 Jan 2020, 13:01
2 hours 1:10
UK government's 'Get ready for #Brexit campaign' didn't help anyone and cost £46m!
UK government's ‘Get ready for #Brexit’ campaign didn't really help anyone and cost £46m! 29 Jan 2020, 12:05
1 hour 35:16
Live: Boris Johnson takes questions during PMQs | ITV News
Live: Boris Johnson takes questions during PMQs | ITV News | 29 Jan 2020, 13:08
3 hours 6:42
8 hours 10:31
What's the next stage of Brexit?
The UK officially leaves the EU in a matter of days – and Boris Johnson will announce that this means Brexit is done. 29 Jan 2020, 6:00
2 hours 2:05
Harris Quinney on Huawei: 'Won't know if it's right decision until 5, 10, 15 years time'
"Whether this is the right decision won't become apparent until 5, 10, 15 years time" says chairman of The Bow Group Ben Harris-Quinney after the government decides Huawei can be a part of building | 29 Jan 2020, 11:47
1 hour 35:31
LIVE: Boris Johnson holds #PMQs after allowing Huawei to build UK's 5G network
LIVE: Boris Johnson holds #PMQs after allowing Huawei to build UK's 5G network. 29 Jan 2020, 13:07
3 hours 45:57
Richie Reviews The UK Papers - Wednesday January 29th 2020
This is NOT to be confused with the Richie Allen radio show! Richie takes a humorous look through the UK's national newspapers Monday through Thursday at 9.30 AM UK Time. 29 Jan 2020, 10:49
8 hours 27:11
The Iran Narrative - David Icke
Our Youtube Sponsor - The C60 Company - thec60company.com Ad Music - bensound.com/royalty-free-music Sign up to the brand new Ickonic Media Platform | 29 Jan 2020, 6:00
3 hours 1:21
UK Pub chain to down prices on Brexit day
“We have a promotion called 'Let's stay friends'”. JD Wetherspoon pub chain will discount a number of products from European suppliers to mark the UK's departure from the EU at the end of the month. 29 Jan 2020, 10:52
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