9 hours 2:26
Love Island's Amy Hart reacts to headlines back home
LOVE Island’s Amy Hart emotional reunion with her family, after being dumped and leaving the villa, is set to be shown on spin-off show, Aftersun. 15 Jul 2019, 9:13
10 hours 5:49
'We Love You Guys': Beyoncé Tells Duke and Duchess of Sussex at Lion King Premiere
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex mingled with a host of celebrities last night as they attended the European Premiere of Disney's 'The Lion King'. 15 Jul 2019, 7:58
6 min 4:04
The aim to have a female land on the moon by 2024
The head of NASA speaks about the ambition is to put the first woman on the moon by 2024. 15 Jul 2019, 18:07
8 hours 21:36
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry meet Beyonce and Jay-Z at Lion King premiere | 5 News
► Subscribe to 5 News: bit.ly/5NewsSub ►Meghan Markle and Prince Harry joined Beyonce and Jay-Z for a star-studded night out at the European premiere of The Lion King. 15 Jul 2019, 10:04
1 hour 1:15
The Moon landing as it happened fifty years on
Fifty years ago Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made history by becoming the first men to walk on the moon. We look back at those iconic first steps. 15 Jul 2019, 16:21
6 hours 5:33
Cricketing Legends React to England's World Cup Victory | Good Morning Britain
Yesterday's thrilling World Cup match between England and New Zealand saw England pick up the winning trophy for the first time. 15 Jul 2019, 11:54
6 hours 11:15
CNN Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta on Trump's Administration | Good Morning Britain
The Chief White House Correspondent for CNN, Jim Acosta speaks to GMB about Trump's administration and Sir Kim Darroch's decision to resign as UK Ambassador to the United States. 15 Jul 2019, 11:53
7 hours 8:01
Ben Stokes’ Parents React to England Cricket World Cup Win | Good Morning Britain
England beat New Zealand at yesterday's Cricket World Cup final with the match being hailed as 'one of the best games of cricket ever.' GMB exclusively spoke to England hero Ben Stokes' parents, Deb | 15 Jul 2019, 10:17
6 hours 14:38
Live: England meet fans at the Oval to celebrate Cricket World Cup win | ITV News
England's cricket players will be waking up on Monday morning hoping that their success in the World Cup was not all just a dream. 15 Jul 2019, 11:46
4 min 57:08
The Nigel Farage Show: 15th July 2019 - LBC
The Nigel Farage Show is live from Strasbourg at 6pm and you can watch it here. Tonight Nigel is asking: Who do you support when it comes to dealing with Iran, the US or Europe. 15 Jul 2019, 18:09
10 min 3:14
Dibsy wins first charity boxing match | ITV News
By now, you may know the name Dibsy. He's on a mission to lose weight and improve his life, having already dropped nearly half his body weight and overturned a serious heart condition. 15 Jul 2019, 18:03
2 hours 3:07
Extinction Rebellion Disrupt Six Major Cities With Boat Protests - LBC
Extinction Rebellion have brought boats to disrupt six major cities in fresh climate change protests. The group took to the streets in London, Bristol, Leeds, Glasgow, Cardiff and Norwich. 15 Jul 2019, 15:48
6 hours 10:01
Should Wealthy Pensioners Pay for Their TV Licence? | Good Morning Britain
Today Parliament will debate BBC's decision to scrap free TV licences for over 75's. 15 Jul 2019, 11:54
2 hours 0:52
Extinction Rebellion protesters moor yacht outside Royal Courts of Justice
The environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion parked a boat emblazoned with the message "Act Now" outside London's Royal Courts of Justice (RCJ) on Monday. Like what you see? 15 Jul 2019, 16:11
2 hours 1:10
Are champagne celebrations outdated in multicultural Britain?
Two of England's Cricket champions were forced to walk away from the champagne celebrations as they choose not to drink. But in a multicultural Britain should this be happening? 15 Jul 2019, 15:59
5 hours 2:03
England cricketers celebrate their first World Cup triumph
England are celebrating their win over New Zealand in the Cricket World Cup. They've invited fans and local schools to celebrate with them in the Oval. 15 Jul 2019, 13:13
11 hours 1:19
Duke and Duchess of Sussex Meet Beyoncé and Jay Z at Lion King Premiere
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex met music royalty last night as they joined Beyonce and Jay Z at the European Premiere of The Lion King in London's Leicester Square. 15 Jul 2019, 6:53
4 hours 48:40
UK Column News - 15th July 2019: Iran; British police threaten media
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column. 15 Jul 2019, 13:23
11 hours 26:50
Could Those Who Control The World Manipulate A Fake Alien Invasion? - David Icke
Our Youtube Sponsor - Renegade - radi.al/Renegade To have David's Dot Connector Videocast sent to you in full every week, Click here davidicke.com/register World Tour Tickets | 15 Jul 2019, 7:00
2 hours 3:36
Game of Thrones' Bronn (Jerome Flynn): Animal Agriculture the BIGGEST Contributor to Climate Change!
Going Underground's Social Media Producer Farhaan Ahmed speaks to Game of Thrones star Jerome Flynn who plays Bronn about the destructive impact of US-style factory farms on humans and the | 15 Jul 2019, 15:24
8 hours 0:51
Tommy Robinson supporters protest outside HMP Belmarsh
Tommy Robinson (Stephen Yaxley Lennon) supporters protested outside HMP Belmarsh on Saturday after the former EDL leader was jailed for nine months for contempt of court. Like what you see? 15 Jul 2019, 10:09
9 hours 2:15
Pressure mounts on UK media after Kim Darroch leak
Murad Gazdiev reports as press freedom in the UK becomes a sensitive issue after last week’s ‘Defend Media Freedom’ summit. Like what you see? 15 Jul 2019, 9:11
7 hours 2:42
10 hours 1:04
Fans go wild and players stunned as England win Cricket World Cup
TRIUMPHANT England cricket fans went wild last night as their heroes lifted the World Cup trophy for the first time ever. 15 Jul 2019, 7:45
6 hours 4:28
Take an Exclusive Look at the ITV Studios Tour With Laura Tobin | Good Morning Britain
For the first time ever, we are opening the doors to the home of our ITV Daytime shows at Television Centre in White City, London. 15 Jul 2019, 11:54
6 hours 4:43
Andrew Lloyd Webber on Taylor Swift's Role in Film Adaption of 'Cats' | Good Morning Britain
Andrew Lloyd Webber has recently broken records as five of his shows are running consecutively in London's West End. 15 Jul 2019, 11:54
3 hours 1:45
World Youth Skills Day - Army Foundation College | British Army
Army Foundation College Harrogate has opened its doors to young people (aged between 12-16) and their adult volunteers from Youth Organisations across the UK to celebrate World Youth Skills Day (15 | 15 Jul 2019, 15:00
9 hours 27:53
Renegade Inc: Rentier Britain: all the rent goes to the 1%
There are three fundamental issues that lie at the heart of our current economic malaise: the first is unearned income and wealth from land rent, second the creation of money by privately owned | 15 Jul 2019, 8:30
7 hours 0:46
'I nearly smashed the TV' - Kids react to England's Cricket World Cup triumph
Some of England's youngest cricket fans have reacted to the team's historic win against New Zealand. 15 Jul 2019, 10:48
8 hours 1:06
Royalty meets pop royalty - when Meghan met Beyoncè at the Lion King premiere
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex meet Beyoncè and other Lion King stars at the London premiere of the Lion King. 15 Jul 2019, 9:31
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