1 hour 1:41
Duke of Cambridge Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Homelessness Charity
The Duke of Cambridge has helped mark the 50th anniversary of Centrepoint, a charity that he is patron of. 13 Nov 2019, 15:44
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1 hour 6:09
Nigel Farage throws jabs at British boxer Dereck Chisora on the Brexit Party campaign trail
Nigel Farage threw a few jabs at British heavyweight boxer Dereck Chisora as he hit the campaign trail today. 13 Nov 2019, 16:13
4 hours 4:21
Should 'Rule, Britannia!' Be Banned? | Good Morning Britain
Singer Lily Allen has called for the anthem 'Rule Britannia' to be banned due to lyrics surrounding slavery. 13 Nov 2019, 13:17
2 hours 0:37
Press treatment of Harry and Meghan is "evil", Olivia Colman says
Olivia Colman has labelled the press treatment of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as "evil". 13 Nov 2019, 15:19
2 hours 45:46
Watch again: Nigel Farage says Brexit Party will not stand down more candidates
For more on Nigel Farage being told he has "48 hours to save Brexit", head here | 13 Nov 2019, 14:54
1 hour 47:22
Nobel prize-winning economist Esther Duflo: 'You have no reason to fear low-skilled migration'
Esther Duflo won 2019's Nobel prize for economics with her partner Abhijit Banerjee and Michael Kremer. 13 Nov 2019, 16:18
7 hours 5:25
Iain Dale clashes with Lib Dem candidate over government's response to floods
A Liberal Democrat candidate was forced to welcome the government's emergency response to the northern floods after Iain Dale pointed out a few facts to her. 13 Nov 2019, 10:12
3 hours 16:04
Labour's Jonathan Ashworth on Tory's 14 Point Lead In Latest YouGov Polls | Good Morning Britain
Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth MP talks to GMB about the latest YouGov polls which sees Labour polling 14 points behind the Conservatives. Subscribe now for more! 13 Nov 2019, 13:44
4 hours 5:58
Piers Has New Rules to Follow or He Could Face a Fine | Good Morning Britain
Under the rule of Frank Lampard, Chelsea Football Club have set out new rules which could see players fined up to £20,000. At GMB, we decided to make some new rules for Piers to follow. 13 Nov 2019, 13:17
1 hour 0:59
Hong Kong protesters throw molotov cocktails at police and set Christmas tree alight
To read about how mainland Chinese students have been targeted by Hong Kong protesters read more here | 13 Nov 2019, 15:25
4 hours 10:04
'Peru Two' Michaella McCollum Shares Her Experience and Regret | Good Morning Britain
Michaella McCollum and Melissa Reid, known as the 'Peru Two, were caught smuggling £1.5 million worth of cocaine out of Peru in 2013. 13 Nov 2019, 13:17
4 hours 5:46
Sharon Osbourne Responds to Claims She's Feuding With Simon Cowell | Good Morning Britain
Sharon Osbourne chats to Piers and Susanna about husband Ozzy's recovery from his fall earlier this year and responds to the rumours that she is feuding with old friend Simon Cowell. 13 Nov 2019, 13:17
3 hours 46:51
UK Column News - 13th November 2019
Mike Robinson and Brian Gerrish with today's news update from the UK Column. If you would like to support UKC, please consider joining the community here: ukcolumn.org/community ... 13 Nov 2019, 14:18
3 hours 3:26
Amanda's Secret Chamber - Episode 1 Promo (Who is James English?)
ickonic.com Our Youtube Sponsor - Carbon 60 Olive Oil - carbon60oliveoiluk.com Sign up to the brand new Ickonic Media Platform - ickonic.com World Tour Tickets | 13 Nov 2019, 13:39
32 min 2:11
Solidarity with the courageous McStrikers.
Subscribe to our channel – bit.ly/1EE0m0n Join our growing movement today ↓ Join the Labour Party – join.labour.org.uk Like us on Facebook – facebook.com/labourparty | 13 Nov 2019, 16:46
2 hours 2:48
Grace Millane trial: CCTV shows accused 'taking backpacker's body to woods'
The Grace Millane trial has been shown CCTV of the accused appearing to buy a suitcase similar to the one that she was later found in. 13 Nov 2019, 14:27
4 hours 0:44
Venice's St Mark's Square turned into swimming pool as floodwater takes over city
To read more about the culprit blamed by Venice's mayor click here | 13 Nov 2019, 12:21
2 hours 1:26
Infantry create a storm in Kenya | British Army
British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK) hosts Exercise ASKARI STORM, the first phase is a live fire attack on a sunken village, Archer's Post. 13 Nov 2019, 15:00
5 hours 1:44
Jeremy Hunt: Defending Jeremy Corbyn must be the hardest job in politics
Jeremy Hunt reveals to Iain Dale why he thinks having to defend Jeremy Corbyn must be the hardest job in politics. 13 Nov 2019, 12:14
5 hours 11:32
Why do Havana's taxi drivers earn more than doctors? | Divided Cities
Cuba's strange dual system means that public sector workers and those in private enterprise are paid in different currencies. 13 Nov 2019, 12:03
4 hours 6:45
Star Trek Legend George Takei on His Friendship With Leonard Nimoy | Good Morning Britain
George Takei played Hikaru Sulu in the original series of Star Trek and he chats to GMB about how the show got a cult following after it's a cancellation. 13 Nov 2019, 13:17
3 hours 0:17
Jeremy Corbyn called 'terrorist sympathiser' by heckler on Scotland campaign trail
To learn more about the Labour leader's less than friendly welcome in Scotland follow our liveblog for the latest | 13 Nov 2019, 13:19
1 hour 3:49
Walden House residents accuse Grosvenor property group of 'social cleansing'
Residents of Walden House, part of a block of flats which is earmarked for demolition to make way for a luxury development have accused Grovesnor property group of 'social cleansing'. 13 Nov 2019, 15:56
6 hours 7:39
General Election: David Gauke says Boris Johnson is 'not being straight' with voters
A former Theresa May cabinet minister has said he won't vote Conservative after 29 years as a party member. 13 Nov 2019, 10:23
2 hours 0:52
Aerials show the extent of flooding in South Yorkshire
Aerials show the extent of flooding in South Yorkshire where hundreds of people have been evacuated. 13 Nov 2019, 15:18
1 hour 0:30
Prince William celebrates 50 years of Centrepoint, a youth homelessness charity
To stay up to date with the latest Royals news click here | 13 Nov 2019, 15:51
4 hours 6:53
Satirical Cartoonist Gerald Scarfe Draws Piers and Susanna | Good Morning Britain
Cartoonist and illustrator Gerald Scarfe is responsible for the art on Pink Floyd's legendary album 'The Wall' and has drawn satirical political cartoons in many publications. Subscribe now for more! 13 Nov 2019, 13:17
5 hours 1:00
5 hours 0:43
Furious locals heckle Boris Johnson as he visits a town hit by flooding
Boris Johnson was harangued by furious locals as he visited a flood-ravaged community in the north of England today. Mr Johnson was visiting Stainforth in South Yorkshire today. 13 Nov 2019, 11:57
3 hours 18:36
Rishi Sunak on Release Timing of Report Into Alleged Russian Interference In the UK | GMB
Chief Secretary to the Treasury Rishi Sunak speaks to GMB about criticism the government faces for not yet releasing a report into alleged Russian interference in the UK. Subscribe now for more! 13 Nov 2019, 13:43
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