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John Bolton's New Information Breaks Down Trump's Defense Strategy
Former national security adviser John Bolton spoke out about the Ukraine scandal. According to CNN, the new information hurt President Donald Trump’s defense strategy. 28 Jan 2020, 3:59
4 hours 0:33
Trump Offers China Help As Death Toll Passes 100
The U.S. warned citizens not to travel to China due to the death toll from the coronavirus passing 100. According to Reuters, not only are tens of millions stranded but global markets are hurting. 28 Jan 2020, 3:38
4 hours 0:33
Vermont May Get Some Emojis On Their License Plates
Vermont may be the first U.S. state to allow emojis on license plates. Rep. Rebecca White introduced the bill allowing the choice of six emojis. 28 Jan 2020, 3:29
6 hours 0:38
US Health Officials Are Testing For The China Coronavirus In 26 States
The deadly coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China, has spread to 12 other countries. 28 Jan 2020, 1:19
6 hours 0:33
Bryant's Helicopter Flying Too Low To Be Monitored By Air Traffic Control
The pilot of Kobe Bryant’s ill-fated helicopter was flying too low to be monitored in fog. 28 Jan 2020, 1:13
6 hours 0:33
Heavy Rains Bring Relief And Flooding To Australia
Australia’s fire-stricken state of Queensland saw heavy rainfalls on Sunday. The precipitation dampened some of the fires that have razed 2.5 million hectares of land since September. 28 Jan 2020, 1:00
7 hours 0:39
Wife Of Canada's First Confirmed Coronavirus Patient Also Tests Positive
The wife of Canada’s first confirmed Coronavirus patient has also tested positive for it. An Ontario laboratory is currently investigating hers and 19 other suspected cases in Canada. 28 Jan 2020, 0:53
7 hours 0:33
Air Pollution Saved The US $24 Billion On Old People
A recent study showed that reduced air pollution between 1993 and 2013 saved the U.S. around $24 billion a year. 28 Jan 2020, 0:53
7 hours 0:34
'Doctor Who' Reveals The First Black Doctor In The History Of The Show
"Doctor Who" just made history again with its first-ever black Doctor. 28 Jan 2020, 0:50
7 hours 0:36
CDC Considering Travel Ban For China Due To Coronavirus
Centers for Disease Control officials said Monday that they are considering travel restrictions for China. 28 Jan 2020, 0:45
7 hours 0:39
Diabetes Testing At Barbershops Could Save Lives
In many communities, barbershops are an effective way to reach people at high risk for certain health conditions. According to a new study, they may be a good place to test black men for diabetes. 28 Jan 2020, 0:39
7 hours 0:33
Critics Are Slamming Sneakerheads Who Have Inflated The Price Of Kobe Bryant Sneakers Following His
In the past 24 hours, Kobe Bryant branded merchandise has skyrocketed in value. The demand for products bearing the late NBA star's name has risen since news broke of his sudden death on Sunday. 28 Jan 2020, 0:33
9 hours 0:33
Prince Andrew Yet To Cooperate With Epstein Investigation
The FBI and prosecutors contacted Prince Andrew’s lawyer to talk about Jeffrey Epstein. According to U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman, they have provided “zero” cooperation with the case. 27 Jan 2020, 22:23
9 hours 0:33
Three Tax Breaks For College Students
College students may pay a lot for their education but they’re also eligible for tax credits and deductions. According to Business Insider, here are three tax breaks every U.S. 27 Jan 2020, 22:13
12 hours 0:32
Pete Holmes Attacked Malia Obama At Comedy Club
Stand up comedian Pete Holmes is under fire for viciously attack Malia Obama at a Cambridge comedy club. 27 Jan 2020, 19:27
12 hours 0:33
Harvey Weinstein Accuser Said He Forced Oral Sex On Her
A woman charging Harvey Weinstein with sexual assault testified in front of a jury. She said the Hollywood producer forced oral sex on her in his New York City home in 2006. 27 Jan 2020, 19:13
15 hours 0:31
Nike Pays Tribute To Kobe
On Sunday, Nike paid tribute to Kobe Bryant, who died in a helicopter crash. 27 Jan 2020, 16:49
15 hours 0:33
Fog Could The Reason For Bryant Crash
Investigators are working to determine the cause of the chopper crash that killed Kobe Bryant and 8 others. The weather is being considered a likely cause of the crash. 27 Jan 2020, 16:33
15 hours 0:24
Bryant Texted Shaq's Son Hours Before Crash
Kobe Bryant sent a message to Shaquille O'Neal's son Shareef hours before he died. 27 Jan 2020, 16:10
16 hours 0:31
Bryant Crashed In Foggy Conditions
On Sunday morning NBA star Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash. He and eight others had been flying in heavy fog conditions before crashing into a hillside. The fog conditions were bad. 27 Jan 2020, 15:50
16 hours 0:30
Fog Blamed For Bryant Crash
On Sunday, NBA legend Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash. According to Reuters, fog appears to be the cause of the crash. 27 Jan 2020, 15:27
17 hours 0:34
Tyler, The Creator Slams Grammys Category
The 28-year-old musician, who took home the award for Best Rap Album for his 2019 record "IGOR" on Sunday night, criticized the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for consistently | 27 Jan 2020, 14:54
17 hours 0:38
Kobe Bryant, Daughter, Seven Others Die In Helicopter Crash
wochit.com This video was produced by YT Wochit News using wochit.com | 27 Jan 2020, 14:22
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Kate Middleton 'Life-Affirming' Photos: Holocaust Survivors
The Duchess of Cambridge Kensington Palace Kate Middleton took a series of photos of survivors of the Holocaust as part of a new exhibition. 27 Jan 2020, 13:49
1 day 0:33
China's President Says Country Faces 'Grave Situation'
President Xi Jinping said China faces a “grave situation” with the coronavirus outbreak. According to Reuters, the death toll jumped to 42 during the Lunar New Year celebrations. 27 Jan 2020, 2:10
1 day 0:28
Kobe Bryant And Daughter Involved Ind Deadly Helicopter Crash
geek.com/culture/kobe-bryant-daughter-die-in-helicopter-crash-in-california-1817170/?source wochit.com This video was produced by YT Wochit News using wochit.com | 26 Jan 2020, 23:39
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Couple Charged With Murdering Their Son By Freezing Him In A Garage
A New York Police Department officer and his fiancee were charged with second-degree murder Friday. 26 Jan 2020, 22:44
1 day 0:36
Avenatti Faces His Own Day In Court
Michael Avenatti was an outspoken, self-described nemesis of President Donald Trump while representing adult film actress Stormy Daniels. 26 Jan 2020, 22:27
1 day 0:35
US-Israeli Woman To Russian Courts: Please Pardon Me
US-Israeli woman Naama Issachar was jailed in Russia in October, on drug charges. Reuters reports Issachar has now asked for a pardon. Israel has called on Russia to release Issachar. 26 Jan 2020, 22:05
1 day 0:38
Death Toll From Chinese Mystery Virus Rises To 56
The coronavirus outbreak that began in the central Chinese city of Wuhan has killed 56 people in China. 26 Jan 2020, 21:49
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