7 hours 0:33
Bernie Sanders Passed Joe Biden In Popular Betting Poll
Sen. Bernie Sanders passed formed Vice President Joe Biden in a poll on the popular betting site PredictIt. 28 Jan 2020, 0:27
12 hours 0:33
Michael Bloomberg Promises To Support Israel
Presidential contender Michael Bloomberg promised to “always have Israel’s back.” Bloomberg joked he’s the only Jewish candidate who doesn’t want to turn the U.S. 27 Jan 2020, 18:42
13 hours 0:33
Buttigieg Wants To Cross Political Divide And Unite Two Parties
Pete Buttigieg went on Fox News to pitch his chances of beating President Donald Trump. 27 Jan 2020, 18:32
2 days 0:31
Poll: Bernie Sanders Leads In Iowa
Politico reports that among all of the Democratic presidential candidates, Senator Bernie Sanders leads in Iowa. 25 Jan 2020, 13:48
3 days 0:42
Trump's Tirade: Drug Pricing Plan
But he's yet to move many votes. House Republican have pitched their own plan that excludes the most significant — and controversial — elements of the bill. 25 Jan 2020, 0:02
3 days 0:31
Sanders Accepts Endorsement From Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan said on his podcast that he plans to vote for Bernie Sanders in this year's Democratic primary elections. Sanders has embraced Rogan's support. 24 Jan 2020, 20:36
3 days 0:34
Harris Mum On Endorsement
Kamala Harris was once considered an elite candidate for President. Her campaign floundered and she dropped out of the race in December. 24 Jan 2020, 20:17
3 days 0:54
Is Obama Planning To Stop Bernie Sanders From Getting The Democratic Party Nomination?
Fox Business News is reporting that Former President Barack Obama may speak out against Bernie Sanders. 24 Jan 2020, 19:57
4 days 0:40
DOJ: We Overstepped By Keeping Tabs On Trump Campaign Adviser For Too Long
The US Justice Department has told a court it erred when it continued surveillance of one of President Donald Trump’s former campaign advisers. 24 Jan 2020, 0:09
4 days 0:33
Sanders Focuses On Trump's Impeachment Rather Than Hillary Clinton's Comments Against Him
Hillary Clinton told the Hollywood Reporter that “nobody likes” Sen. Bernie Sanders. According to Politico, Clinton said she would refuse to support him if he wins the primary. 23 Jan 2020, 23:34
4 days 0:37
Trump Turns Attention To US Middle Class
The White House is increasingly highlighting 'numerous proposals' to jolt the US economy. The news comes as an impeachment trial against President Donald J. Trump unfolds. 23 Jan 2020, 23:12
4 days 0:41
The Demographic Group That Wants Trump Out The Most
When it comes to supporting the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump, one demographic group stands out. 23 Jan 2020, 21:26
4 days 0:34
Biden Slams Video Game Industry
Joe Biden has slammed the video game industry in a recent NY Times interview. 23 Jan 2020, 17:14
4 days 0:30
Bradley Backs Biden
Bill Bradley is a former senator and White House hopeful. He is endorsing Joe Biden for president. Bradley will campaign for him in New Hampshire in the coming weeks. 23 Jan 2020, 16:18
4 days 0:33
Sanders Widens Lead In NH Poll
The New Hampshire Primary is less than three weeks away. A new WBUR poll suggests Bernie Sanders might be peaking at just the right time. 23 Jan 2020, 16:12
5 days 0:45
GOP On Trump's Ask For Longer Trial: Erm, No
The ever-confident President Donald Trump has been advising the GOP on how they should better handle his impeachment. 23 Jan 2020, 1:09
5 days 0:50
Defiant Psychologist Says He'd Design Torture Program Just The Same
James Mitchell is one of the two architects of the CIA's "enhanced interrogation techniques. Business Insider reports the psychologist appeared at a hearing of several Guantánamo prisoners on Tuesday. 23 Jan 2020, 0:28
6 days 0:41
Hillary Spotlight On Bernie
Brian Ach/Getty Images On the day President Donald Trump's impeachment trial commenced, Hillary Clinton put the spotlight on her 2016 Democratic primary battle with Sen. Bernie Sanders. 22 Jan 2020, 0:38
7 days 0:43
Putin Hits The Gas On Russian Political Upending
Russian President Vladimir Putin sped up the shake-up of Russia’s political system on Monday. In a surprise move last week, Putin announced plans for sweeping governmental reforms. 21 Jan 2020, 0:39
7 days 0:39
Has Trump's Base Begun To Crumble?
Ever since the House began rumbling about impeachment, President Donald Trump has loudly insisted it's a 'hoax.' But according to Business Insider, that argument is wearing thin even among his own | 20 Jan 2020, 23:21
7 days 0:38
Poll: Do The Majority Of Americans Support Trump's Conviction?
A new poll from CNN reveals the majority of Americans want the Senate to convict and remove President Donald Trump from office. 20 Jan 2020, 22:39
7 days 0:39
Trump's Legal Team Says Articles Of Impeachment 'Constitutionally Invalid'
President Donald Trump's legal team on Monday tipped their hand regarding their defense strategy. 20 Jan 2020, 21:56
7 days 0:28
Bloomberg Would Vote To Convict Trump If He Was A Senator
wochit.com This video was produced by YT Wochit Vote It using wochit.com | 20 Jan 2020, 17:26
7 days 0:28
How Andrew Yang Would Handle Recession
wochit.com This video was produced by YT Wochit Vote It using wochit.com | 20 Jan 2020, 17:22
8 days 0:33
Biden Wants Sanders' Campaign To Bring Down Fake Video
Democratic presidential candidate Joe BIden accused Bernide Sanders’ campaign of a “doctored” video. The video shows Biden supporting the privatization of Social Security. 19 Jan 2020, 22:08
9 days 0:37
Iran To Send Black Box Of Plane It Shot Down To Ukraine
Iran initially denied shooting down the Ukrainian International Airlines plane, this month. 176 people were killed. 18 Jan 2020, 21:12
9 days 0:33
Guidelines For Trump's Impeachment Trial Announced
President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial has some unexpected rules. According to CNN, senators must refrain from speaking while the case is being presented. Democratic Sen. 18 Jan 2020, 19:00
9 days 0:33
Trump Accuses Democrats Of Sabotaging Bernie's Campaign
President Donald Trump accused Democrats of trying to sabotage Sen. Bernie Sanders. According to Politico, Trump said they’re using the impeachment trial as a distraction. 18 Jan 2020, 17:59
10 days 0:33
Democrats Disappointed By Biden's Survival
Joe Biden has disappointed his detractors. They expected him to implode and tank his chances for the Democratic nomination. But, he hasn't. He's polling in first place in most polls. 17 Jan 2020, 17:59
10 days 0:40
Michael Moore Slams Elizabeth Warren
Michael Moore is mad at Elizabeth Warren. Why? Moore said Warren is backstabbing Sen. Bernard Sanders. Moore is a long time Sanders supporter. 17 Jan 2020, 17:17
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