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Federal Aid Agencies Asked To Stop Trusting Credit Unions When Verifying ID's
The Government Accountability Office has issued a warning to critical federal agencies. According to Gizmodo, the GAO says they should stop relying on credit agencies to verify identities. 16 Jun 2019, 21:09
14 hours 0:39
Pete Buttigieg Would Have Kids In White House
Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said Sunday that his candidacy wouldn't change his potential plans for having children with his husband. 16 Jun 2019, 20:47
14 hours 0:34
What The One Thing Nearly All The UK PM Candidates Agree On Is This
Britain’s next prime minister has to take the country out of the European Union to defeat the challenge of Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party. 16 Jun 2019, 20:25
14 hours 0:53
Is The Trump Administration Really Winning The War On Opioid Addiction?
Despite President Donald Trump’s focus on the opioid crisis, his administration hasn't yet reversed the tide of the deadly epidemic. 16 Jun 2019, 20:14
19 hours 0:34
Iran to Scale Back Nuclear Deal Commitments
According to Reuters, Iran will announce further moves on Monday to scale back compliance with an international nuclear pact that the United States abandoned last year. 16 Jun 2019, 15:54
19 hours 0:35
Taking Aim At Johnson, British PM Hopefuls Make Brexit Case
According to Reuters, several hopefuls lookng to replace British Prime Minister Theresa May turned against Boris Johnson on Sunday, questioning his pledge to leave the European Union by the end of | 16 Jun 2019, 15:51
1 day 0:33
Ivanka Trump Made Nearly $4 Million From Trump's DC Hotel In 2018
New financial disclosures released by the White House show that Ivanka Trump made nearly $4 million. President Donald Trump’s daughter made this money from his Washington DC hotel. 15 Jun 2019, 23:05
1 day 0:44
Trump Admin Keeps POTUS In The Dark About US Cyber Attacks On Russia's Energy Grid
CNN reports the US is escalating cyber attacks on Russia's electric power grid. Not only that, the New York Times reports the US has placed potentially crippling malware inside the Russian system. 15 Jun 2019, 22:09
1 day 0:46
Trump Inserted Himself Into July 4th DC Celebrations, But He Still Hasn't Paid For His Inauguration
The Trump administration and Congress still owe the District of Columbia government $7 million for expenses related to the 2017 presidential inauguration. 15 Jun 2019, 19:22
1 day 0:57
On Second Thought: Hong Kong's Lam Flip-Flops On Contentious Extradition Bill
Foreign envoys say Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam has appeared to be in no mood to compromise on a planned extradition law at recent meetings. After all, she's already dealing with an escalating U.S. 15 Jun 2019, 19:19
1 day 0:44
U.N. Chief Guterres Nudges EU To Dramatically Raise 2030 Climate Goal
U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has challenged the European Union to significantly increase its target for cutting greenhouse gas emissions. 15 Jun 2019, 19:13
1 day 0:50
As U.S., Iran Face Off, Saudi Arabia Scrambles To Protect Gulf Oil
Saudi Arabia called for swift action Saturday to secure Gulf energy supplies. 15 Jun 2019, 19:06
1 day 0:32
Iran Renews Nuclear Pact Ultimatum Amid Tensions With U.S.
According to Reuters, the Iranian president said Iran will continue scaling back compliance with a nuclear deal unless other signatories to the pact show “positive signals." His comments follow | 15 Jun 2019, 17:06
1 day 0:41
Anti-Graft Crusader Sworn In As Slovakia's First Female President
According to Reuters, anti-corruption campaigner Zuzana Caputova was sworn in as Slovakia’s first female president on Saturday, vowing to fight impunity and champion justice in a country shaken by a | 15 Jun 2019, 16:47
1 day 0:33
Republicans Present Legislation To Limit Presidential Trade Authority
President Donald Trump ignited trade wars with multiple countries over the past year. 15 Jun 2019, 16:34
1 day 0:35
Britain Praises Hong Kong Decision to Suspend Extradition Bill
According to Reuters, Britain’s foreign minister Jeremy Hunt welcomed a decision by the Hong Kong government to suspend a proposed law that would allow people to be extradited to mainland China for | 15 Jun 2019, 16:33
1 day 0:35
Saudi Urges Swift Response to Secure Gulf Energy Supplies
According to Reuters, Saudi Arabia said that there must be a quick response to the threat to energy supplies, market stability and consumer confidence, two days after attacks on two tankers in the | 15 Jun 2019, 16:29
1 day 0:35
Boris Johnson Published Poem About 'Extermination' Scottish People
According to Business Insider, "Boris Johnson is running to be prime minister on a platform of being able to "unite" the United Kingdom after Brexit. 15 Jun 2019, 14:23
2 days 0:40
U.N. Chief Calls For Independent Investigation Into Oil Tanker Attacks
On Friday, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for an independent investigation into the attacks on two oil tankers this week in the Gulf of Oman. 15 Jun 2019, 1:49
2 days 0:44
Acting Defense Secretary Shanahan Struggles To Shed 'Boeing Guy' Image
Critics say President Donald Trump’s acting defense secretary Pat Shanahan is the "Boeing guy" who is still doing the bidding of his former employer. 15 Jun 2019, 1:38
2 days 0:50
Congress To CBP: Um, What About That Hacked Data On 100,000 Travellers You Lost?
Lawmakers on Friday continued to press for answers about the breach of Customs and Border Protection data reportedly stolen by hackers. 15 Jun 2019, 1:23
2 days 0:39
U.S. Court Orders Review Of Judge's Ruling To End Trump's Ban On Transgender Military Personnel
President Donald Trump has achieved a victory in his effort to ban most transgender people from the military. According to Reuters, the 9th U.S. 14 Jun 2019, 23:36
2 days 0:39
DOJ Backs Up Mnuchin In Refusing To Release Trump's Tax Returns
In a legal opinion released by the Department of Justice on Friday, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin was vindicated in his decision not to release the tax returns of President Donald J. Trump. 14 Jun 2019, 23:24
2 days 0:45
U.S. Blames Iran For Gulf Oil Tanker Attacks
Reuters reports the US on Friday blamed Iran for attacks on two oil tankers at the entrance to the Gulf. Tehran has denied involvement in Thursday's explosions. U.S. 14 Jun 2019, 21:55
2 days 0:33
U.N. Condemns Oil Tanker Attacks
According to Reuters, the U.N. chief has condemned the oil tanker attacks in the Gulf of Oman. 14 Jun 2019, 21:49
2 days 0:45
Trump Says He Won't Fire Kellyanne Conway
Reuters reports President Donald Trump said Friday he would not fire Kellyanne Conway, after a federal watchdog accused the White House adviser of breaking U.S. 14 Jun 2019, 20:50
2 days 0:33
US Court Rules Against Trump Administration In Abortions For unaccompanied Immigrant Minors
The U.S. appeals court delivered a blow regarding immigration to the Trump administration policy. The court ruled the U.S. 14 Jun 2019, 20:40
2 days 0:32
Mexico Says No Unlimited Asylum, Trump Confirms Safe Third Country Plan
According to Reuters, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said rgR Mexico has not accepted that the United States send in an unlimited number of asylum seekers. Under pressure from U.S. 14 Jun 2019, 19:01
2 days 0:33
Democratic Contenders Biden And Sanders Will Face Off In Miami Debates
Joe Biden will appear on the same stage with Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg and six other rivals, Reuters reports. 14 Jun 2019, 18:14
2 days 0:33
Iran's Rouhani Says U.S. Actions Threaten Middle East Stability
According to Reuters, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told the leaders of a China-led security bloc said that U.S. actions pose a serious threat to stability in the Middle East. 14 Jun 2019, 17:29
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