56 min 31:03
Trump presents the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor
President Trump has so far experienced a tumultuous day, included a chaotically short meeting with top Congressional Democrats that was meant to be devoted towards creating an infrastructure plan. 22 May 2019, 19:48
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1 hour 1:55
Avenatti charged with defrauding Stormy Daniels
Feds charge Michael Avenatti with fraud, aggravated identity theft involving former client Stormy Daniels; Jacqui Heinrich reports from New York. 22 May 2019, 19:39
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3 hours 1:06
Stirewalt: Trump is trolling Democrats into impeaching him
Fox News politics editor Chris Stirewalt says the president is daring Democrats to impeach him because he believes it is politically advantageous. 22 May 2019, 17:32
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4 hours 2:40:18
DHS Secretary McAleenan grilled on Capitol Hill over Trump's border budget
Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan is expected to field questions on President Trump's plans for the border, including policies over processing asylum-seekers and undocumented | 22 May 2019, 16:31
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4 hours 9:02
Pelosi, Schumer double down on Trump criticism at press conference
After President Trump held a last-minute press conference denouncing Speaker Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Schumer, they are now calling their own press conference to tell the media their side | 22 May 2019, 16:13
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4 hours 6:23
Jim Jordan rips Dems' 'coordinated effort' to take down Trump
Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan says there is nothing Republicans could reasonably offer to appease Democrats. 22 May 2019, 15:56
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4 hours 11:39
Trump holds surprise press conference, lashes out at Pelosi, Schumer
President Trump called press into the Rose Garden minutes before decrying Congress and House Democrats for their investigations into the Mueller report. 22 May 2019, 15:54
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6 hours 2:06
Pelosi makes bombshell accusation: Trump engaged in 'cover-up'
'No one is above the law, including the president of the United States,' House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says after holding a meeting with Democrat committee chairs. 22 May 2019, 14:36
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6 hours 5:41
Sarah Sanders: We'd get a lot more done if Democrats weren't in the way
Press secretary Sarah Sanders issues a call to Democrats on 'Fox & Friends' to legislate on immigration policy instead of focusing on investigations into President Trump. 22 May 2019, 13:51
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7 hours 56:57
Live: UK Parliament debates vote on second Brexit referendum
Embattled Prime Minister Theresa May's latest proposal would require parliament to vote on whether to hold a new public referendum over Brexit. 22 May 2019, 13:28
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8 hours 2:18
Tomi Lahren on California's healthcare plan for illegal immigrants
California is considering a proposal that would make the state the first to grant undocumented immigrants eligibility for government-funded healthcare. 22 May 2019, 12:44
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11 hours 2:30
Right-wing politicians being assaulted by dessert drinks
Milkshakes being used as political weapons in Britain; Trace Gallagher reports. 22 May 2019, 9:25
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11 hours 2:54
Tucker: America's border control system is collapsing
Migrants being dropped off at California bus stations because detention facilities are full. 22 May 2019, 8:45
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17 hours 10:31
Gingrich: The hardcore left believes things that I think are crazy
2020 Democrats out of step with America on abortion; former House speaker Newt Gingrich weighs in. 22 May 2019, 3:40
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17 hours 7:31
Ingraham: Democrats misread America
2020 Democrats struggle to find footing amid Trump's booming economy, resort to verbal attacks. 22 May 2019, 2:57
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18 hours 4:48
Carson grilled by Dems over housing for illegal immigrants
New housing plan will strip housing assistance for illegal immigrants; Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson weighs in. 22 May 2019, 2:26
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18 hours 2:33
Collins sees evidence of 'cover-up' in newly released transcripts
Loretta Lynch contradicts James Comey in the newly released transcript. House Judiciary Committee ranking member Doug Collins says Comey is not what he has portrayed himself to be. 22 May 2019, 2:03
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18 hours 8:12
Hannity: The deep state is desperate for dirt on Trump
Democrats fume as Don McGahn skips House hearing. 22 May 2019, 1:50
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19 hours 3:53
Murrieta, CA resident speaks out as illegal immigrants flown into town
Murrieta resident Bob Kowell speaks out about migrants being relocated to his city on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' #Tucker #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network | 22 May 2019, 1:27
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20 hours 4:51
Sen. Kennedy: Brennan needs to take off his tin hat and get a job
Democrats invite John Brennan to Capitol Hill for Iran briefing; Senate Judiciary Committee member John Kennedy weighs in. 22 May 2019, 0:00
62 207
21 hour 2:22
Pompeo, Shanahan brief lawmakers, defend response to Iran
Lawmakers received briefings from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan and Joint Chiefs Chairman General Joe Dunford; national security correspondent Jennifer | 21 May 2019, 22:55
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22 hours 9:30
Gutfeld on socialism's deadly appeal
The greatest trick the devil pulled was convincing the world that socialism didn't happen. 21 May 2019, 22:18
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22 hours 6:13
'The Five' on Pelosi facing growing impeachment pressure
House Democrats split on impeachment push; reaction and analysis on 'The Five.' #TheFive #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network (FBN), FOX News Radio, FOX News | 21 May 2019, 21:52
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23 hours 0:25
House Democrats subpoena Hope Hicks, Annie Donaldson
House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Nadler issues additional subpoenas. 21 May 2019, 21:05
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1 day 4:56
Top Democrats push Pelosi towards Trump impeachment talks
Pressure mounts on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to call for impeaching President Trump; reaction and analysis from Bret Baier, anchor of 'Special Report.' #DailyBriefing #FoxNews FOX News operates | 21 May 2019, 18:49
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1 day 5:17
GOP Rep. on Nadler's chances against Trump in court: 'He'd be humiliated'
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Nadler cannot compel former White House counsel Don McGahn to testify, says California Congressman Tom McClintock, Republican member or the House Judiciary | 21 May 2019, 17:33
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1 day 5:42
Huckabee on Loretta Lynch publicly disputing Comey's story
Former Arkansas governor and Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee reacts to accusations of Jim Comey misrepresenting the Clinton probe and President Trump targeting 2020 challenger Joe Biden in | 21 May 2019, 16:10
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1 day 28:16
UK Prime Minister Theresa May delivers remarks on Brexit
Embattled British Prime Minister Theresa May is making a speech on Brexit. 21 May 2019, 15:45
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1 day 2:17
North Korea ambassador ignores Fox News' question on Otto Warmbier
Raw video: North Korean U.N. Ambassador Kim Song refuses to answer question from Fox News reporter Eric Shawn during press conference at the United Nations. 21 May 2019, 15:43
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1 day 8:06
Collins tears into House Democrats after McGahn skips hearing
The ranking Republican on the House Judiciary committee accused his Democratic colleagues of 'tearing at the fabric of Congressional oversight.' Collins specifically called out Chairman Nadler for | 21 May 2019, 14:45
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